About Steven Kaishian

Steven Kaishian has built a successful career with over 32 years of engineering experience, as well as 16 U.S. approved electrical engineering patents to date. His ability as a problem solver to improve product quality, manufacturing processes and cost containment, in turn brings ease and confidence for the end user.


He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and began his career with Eaton Corporation, a Fortune 500 company located in his hometown of Milwaukee.


In 1995, Steven began working at the internationally recognized Rockwell Automation. As a senior project engineer, he played an integral role in providing product enhancement design solutions.


For over 13 years, Steven and his wife, Pamela, have been collaborating, creating and inspiring each other on a multitude of projects, including their latest partnership: Contemporary Pull. Together they have introduced a truly new and exciting collection of innovative, yet functional, pulls to the world of cabinetry hardware. Steven brings his experience to the technical development, testing and manufacturing, while Pamela, the creative, designs the artisan hardware.

In addition to Contemporary Pull, Steven recently launched Infrastructure Canvas, a stretched canvas product designed for discerning artists. Steven likes to relax by creating international culinary dishes with Pamela in the same kitchen where the concept of Contemporary Pull came to life, and where the first pulls are proudly displayed.

Steven Kaishian