The Story


The story of Contemporary Pull begins when I was paging through a design magazine and came across a feature article on a West Coast architect who had created a distinctive look for a client’s kitchen. I was in the middle of my own kitchen redesign and was moved by the simplicity of the artisanal details of the cabinet hardware he used. This was the inspiration I needed and knew I had to find out more.


I was thrilled when we were finally able to connect. I discovered during our conversation that he had taken items found at a London flea market and constructed pulls that created a minimalist setting with a new and interesting cabinet concept.


That simple design wisdom was put into play and Contemporary Pull was born.


Our pull collection is created with the commitment to provide the best quality products and support of our local industries in order to help our visions come to life. I bring my background as an artist to each and every concept while Steven oversees the materials and finishes. Together we create innovative hardware that provides functionality with a modern and clean look.


Steven and I are thrilled to present Contemporary Pull to those who value fine craftsmanship. We invite you to peruse our collection and include us in the journey of creating your very own distinctive masterpiece.


Pamela Anderson & Steven Kaishian

Pamela Anderson and Steven Kaishian