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Contemporary Pull worked with a new client in the latter part of 2014 to solve an unhappy glass door conundrum.  The result, a new product edition to the Square One Collection.  Square One opens all sorts of doors!


“Details are so important to me. Planning my full bath remodel had me searching for a simple, functional great design for my sliding frosted glass door. I was so excited to find the Square One Collection made by Contemporary Pull. It was the perfect solution and it followed my design theme with the geometric square design in the SQ01. It’s an elegant, minimal sophisticated look and it’s a delight to use!”  -Nora Hackenberg


January 15, 2015 | Projects, The Pull Newsletter | Permalink

Michael Kienzl, President, Bradco Kitchen+Baths, takes a moment to talk about industry trends, thoughts on remodeling and building projects and of course, shares a few thoughts on Contemporary Pull.  Our favorite topic!


Q)  What new trends do you see developing and how are these changes in “status quo” impacting the design of kitchens and bathrooms? A)  The trends these days seems to gravitate towards ‘’less is more’’. We encounter more requests for simple and minimalist slab doors and thin countertops. Lighting is also big and LED is used to enhance our kitchen and bath designs.


Q)  When people consider adding luxury details to their remodel or building projects, do you think they are sacrificing high end quality in order to be cost effective in today’s building? A)  We encounter two kinds of clients. There are those who do not worry about budgets, these clients want every possible luxury such as motorized drawers and doors, remote controlled cabinet lighting, top of the line appliances, Nano technologies cabinet and counter surfaces and laser applied edge banding.  The other kind of client is focused on “the cheaper the better”. In those cases we do see that quality is compromised to give a superficial “wow” effect.  This also applies to many of the current development projects we work on.


Q)  You discovered Contemporary Pull at Dwell on Design 2014. What excited you most about this hardware and what do you think it brings to the design industry? A)  The simplicity of Contemporary Pull impressed us. It is basic yet sophisticated. We like that it is a flush mount which enhances the contemporary look of cabinetry. Contemporary Pull brings a design twist that hasn’t yet been explored in our industry. 


Q)  Do you think Europeans are still inspiring design trends ahead of the US or given all the social media outlets at our fingertips, do you feel that discrepancy/gap is closing? A)  Yes, I certainly feel that the gap is closing but European design trends are still an inspiration to our industry here in the US.  Social Media only gives us more access to what is happening across the pond, design wise.


Bradco has recently released a new product they have designed/invented, a motorized spice/oil/tool shelf rack that rises out from the cabinetry, countertop. See image above.


Photos: L to R   (Left Image) Bradco’s new invention: Motorized Spice/Tool Rack  (Middle Image) Sample Door of Contemporary Pull product installed  (Right Image) Kitchen designed by Bradco Kitchen + Baths


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“As a company we believe Contemporary Pull matches our own design ethos. We specialize in modern contemporary fit out and manufacture from commercial projects through to domestic kitchens. Our company is not even two years old but in this time we have grown rapidly, we believe in order to continue on this path it is essential for us to find unique high quality products, partners and respected companies. We also believe that Contemporary Pull meets all of these requirements.”

-Gareth Rowell (Director)

Photo:  (Left to Right) Steven McMaster, Simon Burns, Stephen McKeown, Chris Anderson, Gareth Rowell (Director)


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The original Contemporary Pull home was recently staged for a special project.

The folks at Goodwill used our kitchen to film a Halloween commercial promoting the costume-making treasures that can be found at their store. It was a fun process to watch!

We hope your fall holidays are filled with family, friends and lots of laughter. Click on the photo to view video!

The Kaufmann House

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Sustainable design with artist collaboration; Contemporary Pull proudly features its latest completed project: The Kaufmann House.


The Kaufmann house project began with the deconstruction of an existing, deteriorated home that was donated to local charities as building materials. The new home incorporates extensive sustainable design features including ample natural daylighting and cross ventilation, ground linked thermal mass concrete floors and exterior microclimate courtyards. Materials include reclaimed cream city bricks from the Schlitz Brewhouse, salvaged pickle-barrel cypress siding, wind-felled pine beams and the solar thermal panels, which heat the home. The site is covered with native, edible landscape, including large rain retention gardens and green roofs that capture 100% of stormwater on site. Local artists designed many elements in the home, such as the staircase, front door canopy, and cabinetry pulls.


The project was developed by Juli Kaufmann, President, Fix Development, a consulting company that leads projects that create more sustainable land, buildings and organizations. Fix Development creates social enterprises with a triple bottom line – for the benefit of people, planet and profit.

Common Advantage Project

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Contemporary Pull recently worked on a home project with Common Advantage, a builder devoted to sustainable building and design, creating beautiful structures that use fewer materials, are more durable and operate at a fraction of the cost of more conventional buildings.


Here’s what the Owner, Stephen Servais had to say about the Contemporary Pull product install process:   “In building a contemporary home with a sleeker, modern cabinet design, we were looking for pulls to match, and Contemporary Pulls fit the bill perfectly. As the cabinet designer and builder, the install process was a new experience, but turned out to be straightforward and quick. The team at Contemporary Pulls provided not only jigs to help with the install, but great service and ongoing support. Overall, a great way to distinguish your cabinets!”


–Stephen Servais, Owner

Common Advantage, LLC